Dual Boot Vista/Vista



I have a couple of questions regarding dual booting my Laptop:

Will EasyBCD allow me to dual boot two copies of Vista Business (each on it's own partition on the same HDD)? Can someone please point me to a guide, or give me a derscription of how to set this up?

And, is Gparted the best tool for resizing and adding a parition to my Vista HDD?

If this description is too brief, please ask for more details!!


Yes GPArted is the best tool. Completely independent and Windows will not interfere.

Yes you can dual boot 2 Vista Businesses. Just make a partition, install and add the entry to the 2nd one. Might have to manually edit the menu.lst for correct partition numbers if the Vista install doesnt do it automatically.
You shouldn't need menu.lst. The installation proccess of EasyBCD is simple. Just download and install. The only other complication would be if you wanted to install it in XP and didn't have .net 2.0 installed, but since you just have two instances of Vista, this isn't a problem. In this case, EasyBCD can add a new entry for the second instance of Vista if it doesn't already exist. If you have yet to install the second instance, this is even easier. As long as you make sure to install the second instace to a different partition, it should automatically pick up on the other installation and add it to its boot menu. You might want to rename the entries though using EasyBCD so you can tell which is which.
So these are the steps I need to take?


So just to be sure I have it right:

1 Create second partition (current partition already contains a working Vista install)
2 Install Easy BCD
3 Install Vista onto second partition
4 EasyBCD will automatically detect the second install and add it to the menu
5 Edit menu labels to better determine which install is which

Is this correct?

Actually, you only need to install EasyBCD after installing the second Vista on a new partition.
EasyBCD won't add the item automatically unless you tell it to. It is ran inside of Windows, so it couldn't do this during the installation anyway. The installation proccess is what is responsible as it detects an exisiting Vista installation on the drive and automatically configures the dual-boot for you. EasyBCD however well be handy for easy editing of the names of the entry's so you can tell which is which.