Dual Boot Vista/Win7 - win 7 not booting


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Hi all,

I have a problem which I cannot find on the forum, so I hope someone can help:

I recently installed Win 7 RC on my Vista PC. Unfortunately Win 7 for some reason de-activated my Vista. I restored my Vista install from a disk image I had (I could have probably used the boot DVD too), but the bootloader did not have the win 7 entry. I used EasyBCD (Beta 2) to add an entry for Win 7 but it does not work (I get the winload.exe missing error).

This is my partitioning scheme

Partition 1: Primary, NTFS, Vista 64
Partition 2: Primary, Ext3, Linux
Partition 3: Primary, Ext4, Linux
Partition 4: Extended drive containing 2 logical partitions
Partition 4.1: Logical, Linux Swap
Partition 4.2: Logical, NTFS, Windows 7.

Vista sees the Win 7 partition as F:, but when win 7 was loaded (after install) it saw itself as C:

With windows XP, I was fine with editing the boot.ini, but in vista I can't figure out how to do it.

Is there a way to use EasyBCD to point the bootloader to the correct partition?

Thanks a lot for any help!
Hello dkazaz, welcome to NST.
Just point the Win 7 entry at the F: partition in the Change Settings section of EasyBCD, and it should boot.