Dual boot: Vista, XP, Kubuntu


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Hello, I have been running Windows XP for a small bit. I've been looking into installing kubuntu for a long time and finally decided to go ahead with it. Than I got Windows Vista. I want to run both Vista and XP (and ofcourse kubuntu) for a while until compatibility is certain.

My first trouble is the only OS on my HDs right now is XP. Where do I go from here? I would definitely prefer to leave XP alone and not have to reinstall. But I don't want instability either. Am I supposed to install Vista in a different partition, then install EasyBCD and finally kubuntu?

One more thing, do you think I will run into stability issues if I take XP out of my system at a later date? Do you think I'll just have to reinstall?

By the way, nice looking product. I've looked into many different boot loaders, this one looks by far the most promising.
Thanks for the praise, and welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, Jedakiah,

You can keep XP installed, then install Ubuntu to the partition of your choice then install Vista wherever you want.

When installing Ubuntu be sure to choose installing grub to the same partition that you are installing Ubuntu to - and NOT the MBR.

Afterwards in Vista you can add XP and Linux.

Good luck!