Dual boot Vista/Xp: Vista dies, reinstalled Vista, now bootloader wont boot XP.

I could use some advice concerning a bootloader issue i have.
I will try and lay out what is going on here on this PC i am working on:

This Dual Boot PC had Windows Vista 32bit business edition SP2 all updates, and Windows xp pro, 32bit SP3 all updates.
Everything was fine for over a year or more.

Each OS is on its own partition on one physical drive
Drive0, Partition 0, C:\ Vista
Drive0, Parition 1, D:\ Xp
Drive1, Partition1, E:\Storage drive

Due to some software issue (not virus related), the vista installation got corrupted and was unrepairable, therefore i had to re-install vista.
The Xp install was unnaffected by the software issue that corrupted vista, and thus worked fine.
The idea was to try and re-install vista while maintaining Xp, so that after the vista re-install i could then still boot into xp through the vista loader.

The re-install was done as follows:
Boot from Vista DVD, Select defective Vista partition, Delete it, create new one, Format it, use that partition, install vista.

Upon completing vista install the original bootloader would no longer recognize Xp.

I installed EasyBCD, and xp was not present in the list.
I tried to manually add it.

now the boot loader would pop up during boot and give me option of vista or xp.
when i selected xp it would not boot xp, instad it complained of lack of NTLDR.

I downloaded http://neosmart.net/wiki/pages/viewpageattachments.action?pageId=196612 as instructed by EasyBCD. and put the files in D:\ which is my xp drive.

now when i try and log it no longer gives me NTLDR error, but now it complains about missing boot.ini
" Invalid boot.ini file booting from c:\windows NTDetect failed"
I dont know why its looking in C: if my xp install is in D, maybe its that filed i downloaded has some entry telling it to look in C ?

Things i have already tried that did not help:
Boot with xp CD and slect fix "f" and then in recovery console, i tried "FixMBR", and "Fixboot d:\".

xp Cd will not notice installation of xp and thus does not offer recovery.

I had to change my drive letters once vista was installed, since xp install was no longer D but E, due to presence of storage drive, I thus removed storage drive, and changed the drive letter back to D. Letter matches in EasyBCD showing D.

So any suggestions on what i can do to get xp back up in the bootloader and have it properly boot, while retaining dual boot functionality?

Note: Throughout all this, Vista still boots fine.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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