Dual boot w 7 64 and ubuntu 10.04 64


I wasn't sure whether I should make a thread or reply to one, so here goes.

I installed windows 7 64 first on my raid 0 setup . Then I installed windows xp3 on a partiton, and with easybcd in w7 added an entry. Worked fine for a month. so I formatted the xp partition and installed the latest Ubuntu 64. Upon the advanced menu in step 8 I installed the boot loader to my Linux partition, not over the w7 loader. I then booted into w 7 and added a grub entry. I reboot and get the win load screen. I click on the neosmart option and nothing happens, just a black screen. p.s I forgot to mention I'm using the latest bcd beta 53.


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Hello Ocular, welcome to the forums,

The new threads fine. It helps us separate your issue from someone elses, so thanks :smile:

Now, 53 is NOT the latest build. Its quite old now. You need to get the latest (now a RC) from here. Ubuntu's using grub2 in 10.04. You'll need to add a grub2 entry instead.