dual boot w7/xp: hibernate not working for xp

I have w7 installed on C: and xp installed on D:
I installed easyBCD and configure it to have dual boot, everything is fine, except if i start in XP and hibernate, at boot I have the original menu to choose between OS, and even I choose XP, XP will start normally (not resuming hibernate).

any help is appreciated
thank you


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
You need to manually copy NTLDR to the boot partition.
Thank you for reply
I copied ntldr manually to c:
I started win xp, then hibernate. after resuming, it begins OK (resuming from xp) but I got the blue death screen saying that the bios seems to be non ACPI compliant, and I have to disable this feature (by pressing F7 during installing drivers for storage devices, but now I'm not installing drivers for such devices).
is there any trick for that?
NB: before installing W7, hibernate works perfectly under XP
thanks in advance


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
This is something new... I know there's an issue with NTLDR for resuming from hibernate, but I don't know about a BSoD...

I'll research this for you, but no promises.