Dual Boot W7/XP


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Hi guys,

Noobie here, sorry. Wondering if any of the resident geeks can help me with this problem. I have a dual boot setup, win7/xp on 2 hdd with W7 as primary OS. I used EBCD with no problems, I think. When I boot my computer, I see the boot menu and can boot into each OS. My problem is that when I boot into XP, it sees the Win7 partitions on the other hd. It doesn't have its own C:\. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, and I'm using the term geeks in a respectful manner. :smile:
I would suggest you check this forum for Vista hide and seek (also for W7, just old name), this will hide 7 partition when in XP and also prevents your W7 system restore points being removed by XP. Mike