Dual boot Win 7 and Mac OSX not working


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OK - two things
1. I accidentally installed BCD to one of my portables because I didn't realise it was pointing to a partition on that drive - how do I fix that as it seems to cause problems if plugged in (I never configured it)

2. My setup is
Drive 0 Boot manager (Win7)
Drive 1 MacOSX
Drvie 2 Win7 Pro x64 on SSD
Drive 3 RAID

Unfortunately when I add a MacOSX entry to the bootloader it does not point to the correct drive (1). As I cannot see the Mac drive letter under Windows how do I set it to the correct drive. Does it do this automatically and if so why is it not working? Error is simply something like missing operating system.

If I boot using hte F12 BIOS option and select the Mac hard disk everythign works as expected.

Using Chameleon and now Chimera.