Dual Boot Win 7 installation added Mint 18 grub4dos hangs for 3 min

I bought EasyBCD and installed it on Windows 7 64. Added Mint 18 xfce with grub on partition with Linux. Then added it and set the Linux boot to the correct directory. It hangs for 3-5 minutes at the screen and says"Grub4dos processing the preset menu. It didnt do this at first although I have added Nvidias driver for Linux in Linux. I deleted the Linux selection and saved it in BCD and rebooted to win7 then re-added it again with no resolution. Another post said they had good luck after you sent them a earlier version of BCD 2.22 or something. Anything you have in mind would be helpful as I am using Linux about 75% of the time and it was so fat before this problem. If not instruction son how to setup grub2 to start both. I am using MBR as Windows 7 was setup that way and both Operating systems are on one 1terr SSD.