Dual boot - Win 7 Ultimate & Leopard 10.5.7 problem

Hi all,

I have a problem configuring EasyBCD.
I'm using the latest beta version.
I have 1 disk separated to 3 partitons.
1 - for the leopard
2 - for Win7
3- for EFI

the Win7 partition assigns with drive letter C.
the Mac partiton does not have a drive letter assign to it.

When I restart my computer I dont see the EasyBCD window that let me choose which
os to boot.

Attached is my EasyBCD configuration.

How do I resolve this?


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Thanks, I'll try this out when I get back from work.


I did what you said and no EasyBCD GUI at boot time.
Do you need aditional info?

additional info: the partition where mac os x is installed has
no drive letter assign to it.

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Reset your BCD store: EasyBCD -> Diagnostics Center -> Reset BCD Storage -> Rescue my system

Now try adding a new entry for OS X and than reboot.