Dual boot Win XP Win 7 Hellp

Help please I've lost my XP after using Easy BCD to configure dual boot, my win 7 works but my XP won't load anymore, it stops on the blue light screen with the Windows XP logo and nothing else happens.

Please excuse my english I'm from Argentina we speak spanish here, this said I'm asking for a solution to my problem since my XP won't start anymore.

I've re wrote the mbr from the XP recovery console by typing fixmbr. fixboot. etc. but none of these things worked my XP freezes at this screen.

It's not a problem with the boot process (or EasyBCD).
They are working
The problem is with the XP installation.
Is this a fresh install of XP, or have you taken XP from a different PC and tried to boot it in a new one ?
You cannot move an OS from one system to another. All the hardware drivers and the configuration will be wrong.
XP must be installed on the new hardware so that it can identify the necessary drivers and correctly configure itself.
If it came pre-installed on a different PC, then it will have an OEM EULA which means it can never be used on different hardware. MS will not validate your attempts to activate it.
Hello Terry: I'll try to tell you how this story begun:

I have a hard drive with win XP and Win 7 in dual boot and never had problems with booting or else, the thing is that I've buyed a new bigger hard drive then I said well why don't I clone the old hard drive into the new one to use the new one with the operating systems just as it were the old one drive.
All this beeing made in the same computer, same hardware, just copy the operating systems into a new hard drive to avoid installing all over again program by program and configure again one by one, then I've cloned the old HD into the new HD using Norton Ghost 15, this made I've disconnected the old HD to use the cloned new one but I encountered that none of them started, there was a problem with the boot menu, asking on the web someone told me to use Easy BCD to solve this problem with creating a dual boot menu.
So I've downloaded and installed Easy BCD to fix this issue, this made what happens is that I cannot make Win XP work as it worked before the cloning, so it doesn't start anymore either on the old hard drive or in the new hard drive.
I repeat on my old HD in this same PC before cloning and using Easy BCD it is was working since 2008 with no problems, it was after using EBCD on the old HD and the new HD that on none of those XP started anymore so that makes think that EBCD made some change on the boot sector that caused the problems that I'm having now, XP just freezes on that start screen that the picture shows.
You are past the boot sector code when you get to the XP screen you showed.
Boot W7 and post a screenshot of Disk Management and paste the EasyBCD "view settings" text (detailed mode)