i currently have winxp pro 32 bit on a sata drive. I also have 2 other ide drives. I installed windows7 pro 64 bit on one of the secondary hard drives and it booted into it fine, updated and i restarted the computer a couple of times and i never had a boot menu. Now when i reboot my computer it goes straight into xp with no boot menu. Another weird thing is that when i was in win7, one of my hard IDE drives were not recognized in my computer, but in the device manager it showed up. So now i boot automatically into xp and have no boot menu to choose. I checked time to display boot options to 30 seconds, but still no boot menu. any help?


ok, i was able to get to w7 and load easybcd. I got it to dual boot. The only problems i am having now is that my 1 ide hd is still not showing up under computer in w7 and my kvm switch wont let me choose which operating system in the boot menu.(this does not worry me as much as the drive not showing up)
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Have you checked the jumper pins on the IDE drives. Are they both set "cable select", or alternatively is one "master" and the other "slave".
How does the other IDE HDD appear in Disk Management ?
Is it just that it doesn't have a letter ? (that will prevent it showing in Explorer)
that was it., under disk management in w7 that hd had no letter assigned to it. I assigned a letter to it and now it shows up. thank you very much for your help!