Dual boot Win7 64 and Mac OS X Leo on separate HDDs


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Firstly thanks to an excellent product I have been using EasyBCD to dual boot my 64 bit Vistas and now Windows 7 with Linux before without problems.

I now have the following setup:
1) main bootable SATA disk with Windows 7 64 bit - these are technically 2 disks in RAID 0 on Intel ICH8 ports
2) a separate ESATA attached disk (on Marvell controller) with MacOS X Snow Leo on it

Windows has the boot priority so the two raid disks always come out first in BIOS enumeration unless I change the boot sequence. I can boot MacOS X just fine when I am using BIOS boot menu that changes the disk boot sequence. However, when I am trying to boot from the MacOS X BCD entry created by EasyBCD, it boots but omits quite a few kernel drivers - some are not recognised, some produce a load error if I enable verbose booting mode. The system boots this way but is fairly unusable.

Searching all the forums made me none the wiser of what is there to control MacOS X boot in EasyBCD - it does not seem to give a lot of options and neither it does explain how it boots it.

One thing I noticed that when I add the MacOS X in EasyBCD it creates a file upon first reboot c:\NST\nst_mac.iso. This seems to contain some kernel extensions copied from the MacOSX but not all of them. In my instance it is those extensions that are failing to load in a kernel when I enable the logging.

I've spend last few nights trying to figure this all out and I am stuck so any help on this will be enormously appreciated (especially from Computer Guru :smile:).


I figured it out - used NST Grub with the following config

rootnoverify (hd1,1)
chainloader +1

And it worked
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