Dual boot Win7 Mint17 <grub rescue> help

I had set up a dual boot with Linux Mint 17 and Win 7.
Normally when starting it defaults to Linux. If I want Win 7 I have to choose it from the dos startup screen.

Yesterday this changed and when it boots, I get a black screen..
error: no such partition
Entering rescue mode
grub rescue:

and the cursor stays there. I am not sure where to go from here..
My system has the HP Diagnostics Ver

Bios is F.29
Bios Boot is..
HP Quick web - disabled
CD Rom Enabled
Floppy Disabled
Internal Net Adapter Disabled
Results of HP Diags tests..
Memory Test PASSED
Smart Check PASSED
Optimized DST PASSED
Battery Test PASSED(0) Secondary-Not installed(60)
PCI Device Check PASSED
Error Log: Start Up Passed

So according to this all okay.
I have found SuperGrub2 and Rescatux here.
Seems a great idea so installed SuperGrub2 on a USB then booted to it.

It found the partitions and I chose to boot to the Win 7.
It did find Win but after it said starting Windows, it came up with the HP Recovery 3 panel option screen.
I have passed all the tests as you can see above so I don't need any of those options.

I tried Rescatux and it was even better. I could see and access all my windows folders and files but not sure what to do there to fix the boot files so they bypass the Linux grub etc.
I really just need to get into Win7. I don't have anything in the Mint17 partition, just trying it out so can do without it.

How can I either get rid of that Recovery Panel so I can get straight into Win 7 or anyway get this fixed please.
I do have the Mint 17 CD I used to install Mint.
I have spent 2 days and still confused.

If I recall correctly I installed the dual boot with EasyBCD, if that's any help..

Thanks in hope..


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
You can reset the BCD in EasyBCD and then use the Write MBR feature. Make sure to re-add all entries in EasyBCD before exiting.