Dual boot Win7 (on D:) won't stay logged in on newly cloned drive? Or "overlay"

I have a dual boot XP/Win7 (XP originally installed on C, Win7 WAS on first logical partition on D. It was cloned with Acronis, everything works except Win 7 on D: (I have since through numerous attempts recreated the disk to a Win7 partition setup (ie. 3 primary partitions)

Anyhow I thought the simplest way to fix this would be to reinstall a vanilla Win7 to setup up the boot config. And then reload ("overlay") a preconfigured disk image of an existing Win7 from another disk into same partition. Makes sense right? I am just trying to place an image of a pre-installed Win7 that was originally created on the D drive on one hard disk and move it to a new hard disk. Same C: drive cloned, being installed in the same system. Essentially all I am trying to do here is reload my OSs onto a new hard drive. Nothing else. (besides the 3 primaries now, but the original clone was exactly the same and that wouldn't keep Win7 logged in either? Not the most elegant solution, but I thought it would be sure fire. Well was I in for a surprise. I have done so many reinstalls testing what will work, I am just trying to figure out how to install a partition image onto another HDD. So my burning question is... I know this has worked with NT, 2000, and XP before, but what is up with Win7?

BIOS finds the active partition of the HDD,
a Master boot loader loads,
XP option starts ntldr and that works,
Win7 option loads bootmgr and that works,
it finds winloader.exe on D: Win7 starts loads, logs in, then stops and logs me out...

It's like it logs in checks something, and decides to log out again...?? At this point from what I read up on Easy BCD the bootmgr maintains some record of an identifying number for the original partition on the original disk in the PBR?

What is in the Win7 OS, that when it loads, (it must be checking something) it decides something is not checking out and kicks me back into the pre-login window? Only to do it again if I try to login again. How frustrating is that!?


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Hanging during the load phase would be indicative of an accidental letter change, but actually logging in and out again is not something I've heard of.
It sounds possible that a malware infection has taken over the winlogon session.