Dual boot Win7 with Vista (invalid signature on W7 winload.exe)


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Hi guys,

Have just installed W7 U x64 on a separate HD.

Vista U x64 is my main OS

Installation of W7 seemed to go fine, but after a reboot, I was not prompted with a Boot Menu (it just loaded Vista straight away).

A friend told me to come here and try EasyBCD

So, I initially installed EasyBCD1.7.2, but it didnt seem to do anything.

Replaced with EasyBCD2.0 beta 65

Added Win7 and I now get a Boot Menu (great)

However, when I choose Windows 7 in the Boot Menu, I get the following error

'invalid signature on W7 winload.exe'

Any help would be appreciated
Hi Brit, welcome to NST
Try putting W7 first in the BIOS boot sequence.
Install EasyBCD 2.0 on W7
Add a Vista entry to W7.
That way round W7 has no problems with the authenticity of the Vista bootloader.
What you've experienced is common. Vista shouldn't have a problem but quite often displays the symptoms you describe.