Dual boot win8/7 with win8 preinstalled?

Hello all,
I have done some extensive searching for a method or way to install win7 on my Hp Pavilion g7-2281nr notebook. It was pre-installed with win8 then up-graded to 8.1. I wish to install windows 7 on this system test and run programs/applications I use that will not run in the win8.1 environment. I seem not to be able to find a clear cut procedure to do this. I have already partitioned my 1G HDD to two equal partitions and named the target win7 partition. I have also installed EasyBCD but do not feel comfortable making any setting changes. I also have a win 7 install disk available. I am making a system image of existing configuration also.
I am an automotive technician, and with the support for winXP dwindling, the related software that I am using is being shifted to the win7 environment. The support for win8 is practically non-existent. Unfortunately this leaves me in this predicament. I have to up grade all my work systems to win7. I wish also to be able to use these programs now with my existing laptop.
Is there any one that has tried this? If so could I ask if you would share the procedure?



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If you set your fresh empty partition "active", then boot the W7 DVD and install it to the new partition, it will become an independent OS, unaware that it's even sharing the disk with W8. (remember to set the BIOS to boot CD before HDD before installing any Windows OS, otherwise the install will fail at the first auto-reboot).
In this state, your laptop will automatically boot to W7 at all times.
To boot W8, set the W8 partition "active" before shutting down W7 and it will appear at the next and all subsequent boots until you change the "active" status again.
You can choose to stay in this state permanently if your usage pattern is heavily biased towards one OS, but if you wish to switch between W7 and W8.1 regularly and more conveniently, from W8 run EasyBCD and add an entry for your W7 partition (by whatever letter W8 refers to the W7 partition in Explorer).
From that point on you will get a boot menu, offering the choice of systems.
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