Dual Boot Windows 7 and Linux


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Hi ,

Can anyone please help me out with the steps to dual boot Windows 7 and Fedora or for that matter any other distro. I don't want to edit grub and screw up my MBR
( I found this article on lifehacker but I would prefer a simpler way)

I already have Windows XP and Windows 7 dual booting on my PC. Will simply installing Linux in a new partition do the trick ( I mean will Windows 7 boot manager take care of it.. It looks like easyBCD to me
? )

Any help is appreciated
Hi Awesum, welcome to NST.
When you install Linux, make sure you use "advanced" options during the install, at the bootloader definition phase. This will enable you to specify that you want grub installed to the Linux partition boot sector not to the MBR.
When it's finished and you reboot, there will be no change to your previous boot menu.
Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build (not 1.7) in W7 to add a Linux entry to the BCD. Select the correct grub (2 or legacy depending on the distro you use), and in the latter case tick the "grub isn't ..." box only if Linux is on a different drive to W7.
Not sure if you can install Grub to the partition, with Fedora, Terry...
But, awesum, if you want to, you can install Ubuntu (the latest version, 9.10, uses Grub2), which will allow you to install Grub to the partition, and not to the MBR (which would overwrite the Win 7 MBR).