Dual Boot Windows 7 and Osx86


I can successfully boot windows 7 (pair of hdd raid0) or osx86 (seperate single drive) by manually choosing which hard drive to boot from.

If i choose the mbr options for osx86 i get a chain loader error or if i use the efi option i go straight to the grub prompt. I have chosen disk1 and am using version 2.0 beta 82.

Any ideas please?
I'm running into the exact same thing you are with the same setup (Win 7 on hd0, OS X 1.6 on hd1).

I've tried MBR, EFI with no custom drive, and EFI with custom drive #1 nothing seems to work.

I'll let you know if I find anything useful.
Fixed it in the end, partitioned osx drive as mbr, just doesnt seem to work with guid partition

I have the same problem with you. I have os x on second hdd and partitioned it as mbr, but it doesn't work. When I choose the NST Mac OS X in the list, I keep entering the GRUB prompt. Any ideas?