dual boot windows 7 and XP



I Have windows 7 on drive C and windows XP on drive E.
the dual boot was working great, but stopped working
and now I can't get XP to boot. The boot manage still gives me the option of selecting my OS, but when I choose XP I get a big error message from WINDOWS BOOT MANAGER.

FILE: \NST\easy1dr1

"the selected entry could not be loaded because the applications missing or corrupt"

I did a search for:
but NOTHING came up anywhere on the web or in this forum...
Delete the XP entry
Add a new one
Let EasyBCD 2.0 auto-configure
Don't alter the drive allocated.
SOLVED - thanks a million Terry

Terry you really saved the day here.
thanks very much indeed.
worked like a charm.

I love easyBSD.

I feel more comfortable going online with Windows 7
but still use XP for audio/video until windows 7 is a viable os for that

Is my XP install safe when I surf online with windows 7?
they're on totally different drives

also I wonder if a virus could have broke my boot.ini file...
or why it broke...

at least now I know how to fix it easily and quickly

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Very recent builds have included the ability to make independent BCD entries for multiple XP systems (turn off auto). That's where your "missing" file came from. You were presumably using "manual" and looking in the wrong place, so I advised you to let EasyBCD "auto" facility sort it out for you. That's always the best way if you only have one XP.
Glad everything's OK now.