Dual boot Windows 7/Mac OS X Snow Leopard


Hi all,

I installed Snow Leopard with Rebel EFI but Dual boot doesn't work. I had some problems so I re-installed Windows 7 but Rebel EFI bootloader doesn't appear at startup anymore.
Now i'd like to use easyBCD.

Here is my partitions:

Disc 0: 1st Partition --> 200mb (Protection)
2nd Partition --> 465.44GB (Where Windows 7 is installed)
3rd Partition --> 465.76GB (Where Leopard is installed)
not allocated --> 128mb

Disk 1: 1st Partition --> 540.89GB (Storage)
2nd Partition --> 360.62GB (Music/Production)

How can i set easyBCD or other bootloader to work with these partition to choose beetween Windows 7 and Leopard at startup ? Because I already tried with adding os x generix x86 entry but it didn't work (boot chain error) and i had to re-install windows 7 several times trying to make it works :frowning: