Dual boot Windows 7 + MacOSX (+Ubuntu)


Ignore the Ubuntu bit for now, I am having separate problems with the install process (the partitioner does not see my windows partitions, just a blank disk, which is strange as I have had no problems in the past). Anyway...

Please forgive me if this is a repost or if it is in the wrong place. I have two SATA hardrives, one with Windows (and hopefully ubuntu) on and the other with mac osx and a backup partition. Before I get Ubuntu working I would like a dual boot system set up. At the moment, to switch between the two I have to set the primary hard disk in the bios, which it then boots off. I have tried to use easyBCD to set up a dual boot, but when I select Mac OS X on the boot menu I get an error which says something like the partition cannot be found (more details very soon). I would have thought that I would have to tell easyBCD (or BDCedit) where to find my OS X partition, as this has always been necessary in grub.

Can anyone offer any advice.
Sorry for letting this lie for so long... In the end I wiped windows so I am using grub with no problem. Thanks for helping Terry.

PS. Can I mark this as solved some how?
PS. Can I mark this as solved some how?
Lol, that's the same question I asked when I first joined these forums.
But unfortunately, it doesn't have that feature.
If you want [Solved] in your title, a moderator will have to edit it manually, and put it in.