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Is it possible to dual boot Windows 7 with Windows 7? I have a laptop that needs to log into two different systems via two different VPN's. Although these seperate systems use the same software they do not use the same version of that software and the two versions cannot co-exist on the same computer. A computer that Dual boots seems like a reasonable answer to me, am I correct and can it be done with EasyBCD 2? Are there any special things I need to do or to watch out for? Basically, Help?

Okay. Lets see if we can figure out what your got going on. Now EasyBCD 2.0 can help you choose between 2 different installs of Windows 7 on a machine. The topic by Shedrock is pretty much the same thing.

Now what has me confused is you say must login to 2 different systems. The issue is that dual boot only boots to 1 instance of Windows at any given time. So you would have to shut down that system and reboot to the other one.

If you need to have 2 versions of Windows running at the same exact time, you will have to look into Virtual Machines.
Sorry for the confusion, It won't be necessary for both to run at the same time. It looked like Shedrock's post was for seperate hard drives, I'll review it. Thanks
I think I may need to start at the beginning. This computer currently has Windows 7 and I have managed to shrink the drive where it resides and I now have somewhere around 135GB of unallocated space that needs to be partioned and then windows 7 also installed on. I think I understand that inorder for it to be bootable it will need to be a primary partition also. I don't know how to do that, can you point me to a thread for some quidance?
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Okay no need to answer the partitionn question, I figured it out and now have a second primary drive "F", actually ended up with 144GB. Now it's on to installing the second Windows 7
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