Dual Boot - Windows 8

I have been using EasyBCD for quite a few years. I previously had a dual boot setup, both being Windows 7. The dual boot menu appeared every time I booted the PC, as it should.

I have recently changed both systems to Windows 8. Each system was a clean install after formatting the SSDs that the systems are installed on.
My PC is fully shutdown every night.
The minor problem I am experiencing now is that in the first boot-up each day I usually do not get the boot OS choices menu - it boots straight into the default Windows 8 system. If I later restart the PC, I do get the boot menu, allowing me to choose which system I want to use.

I can live with this but would like to fix it.
Is anyone else experiencing this with Windows 8?

PS - should have mentioned that i am using CLASSIC SHELL to bypass the Win8 UI. Not that it should make any difference.


After some more testing just now, I find that if I SHUTDOWN Windows 8, and then start the PC I do not get the boot menu, and it boots into the last used option, not the default option.
If I RESTART from in Windows 8 I always get the boot menu.
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