Dual boot with 3Tb hard drives

I'm getting a new computer with 2 hard drives, each 3Tb in size. I want to setup a dual boot, Windows 7 and XP. Does anybody know if this is possible with 3Tb hard drives. I believe that the drives have to be formattted as GPT-formatted drives instead of MBR-formatted drives since the old MBR partition tables can't describe a drive bigger than 2.13Tb. Not sure if this will cause a problem.


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The trouble is that XP wont recognize 3TB drives at boot according to what I have read: Everything You Need to Know About 3TB Hard Drives | PCWorld but there is no problem using large HDD's externally.
You say 'I'm getting" - is it too late to change the order to maybe 4 smaller hard drives (most newer PC's have room for at least 4 HDD's)? It would certainly solve a big headache. I also believe that GPT partitioning is only good for 64-bit systems. Is your XP 64-bit? So few people adopted it that I always have to ask.
However, I am no expert in this matter and can only go by what I read. I will defer to others here who may know more on the subject.
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