dual boot with fedora 11 problem


my hard drive have 2 partition ,C and D,C is window xp ,d is window vista,but now my xp crash already,i want install fedora 11 to c drive , after install can dual boot with window vista ????thank q
Hi Wingsoon, welcome to NST.
Please read the sticky thread, paying attention to point, 3 with reference to which partition is marked with the "system" flag.
The answer to your question is yes, of course you can dual boot Fedora with Vista.
Exactly how you do it, depends on whether you want Vista BCD to control the boot or whether you want Grub to control the boot from Fedora, and where the Vista BCD currently resides (on the "system" partition).
Read the embedded links in the sticky link above and work out what you need to do, and post back if you need any more help.
Halo,terry ,i want to make vista loader is master ,no want grub is master ,how can i change it to
vista loader from fedora grub ???thank q
You don't need to reinstall Vista.
Set the Vista partition "active" in disk management
Boot your Linux in "live" mode (run it from the CD), and use it to delete the contents of the XP partition.
Boot your Vista DVD, select "repair your computer" then "startup repair"
Do the above line 3 times in all until Vista boots by itself from its own partition.
Then you can install Fedora to the old XP partition using "advanced boot loader options" to ensure that grub installs to the Fedora partition and not to the MBR.
Boot Vista, run EasyBCD 2.0 latest build and add an entry for Fedora, selecting the correct partition from the Linux dropdown. Don't tick the "grub isn't installed ...." box.
then mean i put the linux cd delete c drive partition,after use vista dvd repair start up the d drive,after it put back fedora 11 continue install to c drive ?i try first ,thank q terry ^^
Did you get dual boot vista and fedora 11 working?

Hello, my name is Andrew,
I am have 32 bit windows vista and am upgrading to windows 7 later. I want to get another drive and load fedora 11 on it and create a dual boot system. I am watching this thread to discover maybe how to do it. Did you get your system to finally dual boot?

Any suggestions?

Hi Andrew, welcome to NST.
What you want to do is perfectly straightforward and routine, and should present you with no problems.
This particular thread was dealing with overwriting a broken XP - you won't need to go to so much trouble.
Just ensure when you Install Fedora on your new HDD that you use the advanced options when defining the bootloader and tell it to install grub to the Fedora partition boot sector not to the MBR.
The default action of a Linux install is to take over the boot by grabbing the MBR. You must prevent that from happening if you want Windows to continue controlling the boot, unless you take the decision to use grub as your master boot manager and use it to boot Fedora and Windows.
Read the sticky thread and follow the early links and you'll find loads of information about how dual-booting works and tutorials about specific systems.
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Re-dual boot

Thank you for the very informative sticky link! That was very interesting. I now have a better idea of what is happening and why. Wish i would have found that earlier. I stumbled on this forum awhile back and am glad i did. Just wanted to thank you for replying and providing valuable information on the dual boot topic of mine.

I found alot of information in the past but it was hard to wade through it for my specific case. And i wanted to make my attempt easy rather than wrestling with a none functional machine later.