Dual boot with Win7 and XP doesnt work


I have a problem with a dual boot with Win 7 and XP, with Win 7 installed first.

Win 7 is installed on C:
There is also a D: for storage only
I shrinked C: and installed XP, it got the drive letter E: for it

At first only XP started and NO meny with a choice of OS
Then I manipulated the boot ini and I think I wrote on the bootsector
Now I only see a blinking cursor when booting.

I booted using Hirens boot cd and then I can see a choice of booting to XP or Win 7
But only XP works, trying to boot Win7 just gives me a blinking cursor...

And now when I start EasyBCD in XP I get an error that the file cant be found...
What file....? Boot.ini is on C:

Help me solve this...please
Please read the sticky thread, with special reference to installing XP after Vista/7.
You will need to reinstate the Vista/7 bootloader.
You cannot make NTLDR and boot.ini boot W7
On this specific PC there is another problem, the Win7 installation disc doesn't run...
I get a error 5 message..
So I then installed WinXP first, then installed Win 7 from whitin XP as a workaround for the Error 5 problem.
(I have seen this Error on a few PC's before, but on most PC's the Win 7 DVD runs as it should.)

So I can´t do a repair on Windows 7 the way its described in the wiki.