Dual boot with Windows 7 and Karmic


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I apologize if this question has already been asked but I am new to this forum and need a little guidance prior to installing EasyBCD as my primary bootloader.

I currently have a Window 7 setup running dual boot with Kubuntu Karmic Koala. I use grub 2 as the default boot loader but I wanted to use a boot loader that was easier to use and found EasyBCD as the bootloader of choice.

Allow me to first add that I updated the grub 2 menu in ubuntu and mind you, in the grub 2 version there is no menu.1st file to edit. You edit some other files which in turn make changes to the grub.cfg file. In either case, all looks good but I would like to try out EasyBCD.

My questions are will the EasyBCD bootloader replace grub? If so, how will EasyBCD know which kernel to boot? and finally, if EasyBCD is added to the Windows 7 MBR then that means that grub will still load right? since it loads in the bootsector and not necessarily the MBR. If this is the case then how do I completely remove grub from loading at startup and use EasyBCD completely? That's all for now. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
EasyBCD is not a bootloader. It's a Windows app for manipulating the Vista/W7 BCD and doing some additional boot related tasks.
Vista/W7 "bootmgr" is the Windows boot manager. It reads the BCD to find information which it uses to locate the appropriate boot loader for the OS chosen.
If you use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build| Manage bootloader | Reinstall Vista/7 bootloader, it will put the Windows boot process back in charge, but it will do so by replacing some of the grub process.
You will probably need to reinstall grub to the Linux partition boot sector (you certainly do for legacy grub).
Then you just add a Linux entry to the BCD, selecting grub2 from the dropdown, and Easy2 will locate and configure the Linux boot automatically.