Dual boot working but disk formats not


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Hi again. Ok so everything is working as far as the two os's one on each sata . . . but I don't know how to move my files back and forth between the two systems. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction . . . a tutorial or something. I am afraid to mess with what i have already since it's working :smile:


:x First, I found Gparted and installed it. I wasn't able to mount the hd from inside the os so I went to the windows disk and carved out space there. I formatted using fat32 since I read it was best for sharing. (Eventually I will want to share some larger files but for now fat32 should work.) Anyway, I booted back to Ubuntu and all partitions are visible but drag and drop are not working. What am I missing?


I figured it out I think:happy: The only thing left to do is go back and see if I can open them in windows. YeAH! (i think)


Yep! It all works now :smile:) (I think I tried to do it before the batch jobs were finished.) Anyway, for now I am done and it all works !!!!!! YAHOOO You guys rock! Many thanks :smile:
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Congratulations :smile: