Dual boot xp&7 (xp installed first)


well i had my xp installation in D: and installed 7 in C: (two different hard disks).i used easybcd 2.0 beta63 to add xp in the 7 bootloader,it worked succesfully. but no matter what,xp won't load (ntldr is missing). i used the recovery console of xp cd and copied ntldr and ntdetect.com,fixboot & fixmbr.still nothing. i changed the drive from easybcd to xp section of the 7 bootloader - nothing.i even copied ntldr and ntdetect.com into the drive that 7 is installed - nothing.

any ideas guys?
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Does XP boot OK if your D: disk is 1st in the BIOS ?
Have you followed point 3 in the sticky thread and located your "system" partition when W7 is booted.
That's where the boot files for W7 and XP have to be, and where the XP entry in the BCD should point (not to XP). You might find it's a "secret" partition if you let W7 format its own space when you installed it.
The latest build of EasyBCD 2.0 should be able to handle the "secret" partition and get XP booting for you.
Post a screenshot of W7 disk management and paste the contents of the EasyBCD "display settings" page in debug mode and we'll take a look.
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Grab EasyBCD 2.0 beta latest build and re-add the XP entry. Let it autoconfigure everything for you when prompted.


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Oh well, at least I got the link there for Easy beta :smile:
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with some magical way, i redid the add entry in easybcd and deleted the old one and voila - xp works. thnx anyway guys,i appreciate your help.
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Thanks to all .......... I just did it as guided..... xp already in d:\...... windows rc 7 in c:\........ just install bcd 2.0 beta in win7..... delete and add the second (xp) entry.....In change settings... choose on OS select XP.... save and reboot............ works fantastic.... really thanks all who worked on this.......
Nice to hear from you that EasyBCD did what you needed KK,
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