Dual boot(XP and Fedora 10) problem



I installed winXP on driver C first and installed Fedora 10 on the last partition of my harddisk. I installed GRUB in "/boot" not MBR and I was trying to use easyBCD to set the Dual boot.

When I run easyBCD1.72 in XP, it said "Valid BCD Registry not Detected" . Then I clicked "yes" to auto recover the MBR and choose a boot drive which is C, and then, it asked me about the Vista driver path. I never installed Vista on my HDD and whatever I chose, failed.

I have seached around for an aswere but no luck.

Best regards Gin
Hi Gin, welcome to NST.
EasyBCD is mostly a GUI for the Vista BCDedit command-line utility.
It manipulates the Vista BCD with a friendly interface which doesn't require the user to know or understand the syntax of the BCDedit commands.
It can be run from XP (or most other OSs), but if you don't have Vista, and it's not Vista's BCD that's in charge of your multi-boot process, then it doesn't have any function.
It's of no use to you if NTLDR or grub are controlling your boot.
You can't make the BCD control your boot unless you own a legitimate copy of Vista.
When going to install Fedora 10 you should have seen that add XP in as a boot option when choosing "other" when you first see Fedora-other for other OS(s). The EasyBCD won't work for seeing XP made the default OS. That would take an edit of the bootPart 2.8 boot loader to set XP as the default OS.