Dual Boot XP C: Win 7 D:

I've been trying to find if this has been covered before but searching doesn't help so my apologises if this has been covered before!

Here goes

Acer Aspire 5315 2Gb Ram
80Gb HD (as per image "disk manager")

XP Pro on C: (original Vista but reformatted back to XP) Primary partition
Win7 on D: (installed about 2 months ago not looked back) logical partition
Storage on E: logical partition


Boot menu as per EasyBCD (image "EasyBCD")


Default: Win7 Boot Device C:

Entry #1 Win7 Drive D: path \Windows\system32\winload.exe

Entry #2 XP Drive C: path \NST\easyldr1

Entry #3 Windows Recovery Drive C: path \NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr
(from ISO image)

Entry #4 Win7PE path \NST\AutoNeoGrub1.mbr
(from ISO image)

I want to remove XP and just have Win7 as OS because I have now the Recovery and Win7PE just in case Win7 suffers any problems - Reading previous similar posts I see a few problems.

My Win7 is on logical drive (D:smile:
Some boot information is on D: but also on C: I think

Please advise easiest way to remove XP and give me back the 11.73GB disk space it will free up - other than my external 250GB HD (Madrigal G:smile: that has got a few problems I'm struggling for space.

Thanks in advance (again apologises if someone has already covered this (please reply with link - that'll be just as good :wink: )
I don't see a simple way of doing that with Easybcd (unless I missed something ).

I would probably use a 3rd party partition boot disc like this free one: Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to boot computer directly to manage partition.

Boot it up, delete Disk 0 partition1, then covert the Windows 7 partition to Primary, then use the Move/Resize function to extend win 7 partition to the left.

Mark win 7 partition Active.

Recreate boot critical files on the win 7 partition - either with command prompt from win 7 dvd/recovery disc (quicker ) or by running startup repair 3 times (easier ).

Good idea to make a backup image of your win 7 partition beforehand.
Yes, sorry - if you are not familiar with that kind of thing, it can seem daunting.

Maybe somebody else can suggest something simpler.
Using a Linux live CD, delete all the files on the XP disk except bootmgr and the \boot folder (set folder options like this to be able to see them)
Keep C as your primary "system" partition, and reuse the regained space for any purpose you desire.
(Not aesthetic, but simple)
Yes, that's a bit easier.

I was under the impression he wanted to incorprorate the space from C into his win 7 partition, where he has almost no space left.
Chances are that a lot of space on W7 is apps, which can be installed in C in future (or even un/reinstalled from D to C to liberate some of D if needed)
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just need to get livecd working from usb - tried a few months ago but on my partitioned 250gb portable hd :wink: now i have a 4Gb USB stick > going to have to retry the install
You can also free space on W7 by moving the "special" folders (pictures,music, video documents) from D:\users\yourname\ to C by right click>properties>location tab.