I am french and i have a serious problem . I have my first HDD with XP installed . I installed today seven in the second Drive. My problem is to have a dual boot of this two OS and Xp with the default OS. I use EasyBCD but i can't understand what to do to make it.

Easy BCD is installed in Windows seven. When i go to "my computer" i can see :

C: with the OS SEVEN ( hard disk 1)
D: With the the OS XP (hard disk 2)
E: wich is a partition of the hard disk 2

Please help me because i spend many time but i don't know what to do . Sorry for my english .

Hello wayzani_2003, welcome to NST

Grab the latest build of EasyBCD 2.0 beta from here. The type of entry you'll want to add will be a XP entry, pointing to XP's drive/partition. You can add this entry on the Windows tab after clicking Add/Remove entries. When it asks to auto-configure boot.ini, click yes.
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The XP entry you add with EasyBCD add/remove will default to point at your "system" partition. If this is not XP do not change it. EasyBCD knows where the files have to be. When you let EasyBCD configure the boot.ini for you, it will give you the names of 2 XP boot files which you must copy into the partition root of whichever partition is marked "system" in Disk Management.
There is a possibility that Windows 7 will have created a hidden "system" partition if you allowed it to install to a completely empty disk. If so, this is where you will need to copy the files and where EasyBCD will need to put boot.ini.
Give the hidden partition a letter ( x:\ ) so that you can see it in explorer and access it with the copy and with EasyBCD.
Just make sure "ntldr", "ntdetect.com", and boot.ini are copied over from your XP partition into the root of C: (i.e. the Win 7 drive).
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