Dual Boot XP/Vista and Resize Partition Issues


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I have use easybcd and have grub4dos as boot loader. However, there are some issues I've encountered.

I have 3 partitions, 1st is Recovery Partition, 2nd is Vista and the 3rd one is XP.

I have no problem booting into Vista using the boot loader, but when I choose the boot XP, it boot straight to the recovery partition. I guess the problem lies on both XP and the Recovery partition use the same NTLDR to boot because I had tried this command find /ntldr and it reply both (hd0,0) is for Recovery, (hd0,2) is for XP.

I wonder is there any command I can boot straight to XP (hd0,2) partition? I tried to hide (hd0,0) but to no avail, also tried to rename the XP NTLDR to NTLDR2 and I also can't seems to boot to this new NTLDR2 as it have some error message.

2nd question is about resize partition.

I use GParted and found out that there are two unallocated space, but I cannot merge the two partition. The problem is the two unallocated space is in between a primary partition. This might some confuse if I didn't post any screencaptures.

Will update soon.

Please reply..
Have you read thru the Wiki with all your XP booting issues? I know that we have almost all that stuff covered in there.

As for the resizing it could be that those partitions can not be merged. Created by the Windows install and they seem to have a hard time merging back into a real partition. I dont know why for sure though.
I have read through the XP Troubleshooting and other section of the Wikis. But can't seems to find related topic with two partition that use the same NTLDR loader.

I'm just curious to know whether the grub boot manager can allows me to boot into my XP instead of Recovery Partition?

As I have mentioned a find /ntldr command return me 2 path. The first path is the recover partition, thus it just boot to that recovery partition.

I tried hide the partition using both hide command and GParted to set hide flag but to no avail. Or Is there anyway I can swap the partition with hd0,0 to hd0,2?
You need to modify the values in boot.ini to make it point to the right partition.

Modify which OS or Partition boot.ini? I suppose only XP have boot.ini and what should I modify into?

The problem now is I can't boot into XP. It goes straight to the Recovery Partition because the Recovery partition is also using NTLDR and it is in (hd0,0) thus it got the priority first.

I wonder any script to let me boot into hd(0,2) XP?
So I edit to boot.ini for XP and the menu.lst will be able to boot into another Windows Boot Menu that allows me to choose which partition for me to boot from ie XP and Recovery Partition so it won't jump straight to Recovery Partition?

Anyway, thanks for your help, hope I can get to try soon. Will update again if I can try soon.