Dual Boot Xp/Vista - Fail Boot to Vista


Hello Everyone!
Hows it going, this is my 1st post, so really its also a Big "HELLO" to Everyone!
I could not find introduce forum?

I need some advice please on what to do here...? I tried to look for solution but (FAIL)
I beleive this is a very known issue*, i have read some posts on how to solve this, but ive lost myself in a World of Technical Confusion :rage: lol (ms didnt help at all in my query, and in my journey to find a solution, thats also how ive ended up here @ neosmart :tongueout: Thumbs up !)

My Problem Issue
I have my Desktop installed with two HDD's,
One is my main (C)Drive 1TB SATA 2 with my O/S Vista 64 Ultima (OEM).
And the other is my secondary (D)Drive 150GB SATA 1. (Clean Formatted Drive)
My intentions were to install WinXp Pro 32bit (OEM) on my secondary drive (D), just so i could keep on playing my old Xp games without any issues from good old vista. Seemed a good idea.
So i did so, it worked, but now ive come across what many appear to have the same issue with, dual boot failure, and cant boot into Vista anymore. So im stuck with using the O/S Xp.
I re-inserted my Vista OEM disk to repair the boot, and it came up as a messege i think said "unable to repair this early version of windows" but the only O/S i could see to repair was my main (C) drive, the one with vista on it. I tried to re-install vista over the previous installation and to keep my files of course but that wouldnt let me do so. Only a fresh Installement.
So, i tried this little tool. Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download The NeoSmart Files Downloaded, mounted, burned, not a problem there..​
Unfortunately, it failed to recognize the boot files and just bypassed it and carried on to boot into windows Xp. Also it was designated to boot from CD. And there was no "Press any key to boot from..." comfirmation.
Now i am so stuck
All i would like to do, is be able to boot to either Vista64 for what i common use everyday or to boot into Xp32 for some nice gaming :grinning: is this possible to actually do?
If not, its ok, but please help me get back into Vista:smile:, all my software, files and documents, etc...bla bla bla oh you guys know how it is :unamused: its cool i can get into my dox n stuff, its just the O/S i need back!
*So im really sorry, if this feels like a common post*, i feel bad :frowning: posting this. ive been trying to solve problem without having to post. ive been through forum, trying to do as much research as possible, but as above :?? ive confused myself in the process oops :evil: maybe i could be pointed in the right step-by-step direction:nerd:?
Thank you, if any support, its really appreciated!
Kindest Regards
your dearest
Willy :wtf:

==A Semi Pro Noob playin with an i7-core==

All invisible files are visible on both drives. not sure if this helps?


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If our recovery disk didn't boot, there are two probable causes
1) You didn't burn it correctly
2) The BIOS isn't correctly set to boot from CD before HDD

You can test the former by trying to boot it on a PC that's fully functional, the latter by trying to boot a known-bootable CD/DVD on your PC.
When you've eliminated one, fix the other.
Here some links you might find useful


If you use the last link, remember to use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build, and that NET 2.0 framework is an essential pre-req for Neosmart products on XP.
Ok guys, im back...
Ive been on this all morning, im still getting no where.

I downloaded and installed your tool the EasyBCD, i updated Net 2.0.

Picture A&B) its seems it already has the Vista Boot??
So why am i still booting into Xp ?
I havent touched the settings in EasyBCD as you can see...

Do you recomend, deleting this boot entrie and then adding it again myself manually?
Pic 3 ??

Thank you!!


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Get the latest build of EasyBCD from here
EasyBCD > Add New Entry (Add an entry for XP, second option in the type dropdown, and let EasyBCD autoconfigure when prompted)
EasyBCD > Bootloader Setup > Install the Windows Vista/7 Bootloader > Write MBR
Success !!!!!


My firend you are a "LEGEND"....

I am now back into my original O/S Vista64.

I used your tool EasyBCD, in these steps....
EasyBCD > Manage Bootloader > Reinstall the Vista Bootloader > Write MBR.
I rebooted and after a little while longer i got my system back!!!!! WoW just Amazing!

Im ever so Happy and also im ever so gratefull for your help :wink: its much appreciated!

p.s. also would you recomend using the "iReboot" tool included in the EasyBCD package, to switch to and from O/S's?

Thank You!!!

Thank you Also Terry60 for your attention :wink: all really did help!

I is one even Happier gamer now :tongueout:


Well, i hit off on a mission this afternoon... and after a lots n lots of reading into this evening,
Ive figured out now how to switch O/S in just a click of a button. lol
(Thanks to you guys of course)
Great help indeed your tools have come to be, EasyBCD 2.0 & iReboot!
Now with both tools from my main O/S Vista64 i can now switch into Xp32 anytime i need to! I've tested it, and it works well, i now have dual boot confirmation at start up!
Guys, your help guidance and information has no price for how i feel after resolving this issue.:S Im going to immerse into a world of gaming like no before :brows:!

Top Stuff and im just lost for words :O i also added a little contribution, a small sign of my gratitude in return for the help i found :lup:

Thank You
Peace Out
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Great, you may want to read up on this about protecting Vista's restore points from XP though if you plan to use iReboot.