Dual Boot - XP/Vista Using Boot Manager

Would be grateful if someone could offer advice.

I'm trying to setup a dual boot machine with XP and Vista on it. May install Linux later.

I'm using XOSL (eXtended Operating System Loader) boot manger and have the HD setup in the following in way (all partitions are Primary)

Partition 1 - XP - 7.5GB
Partition 2 - XOSL - 55MB
Partition 3 - Vista - 25GB

I originally setup Vista on Partition 3, then reinstalled the XOSL files, kept receiving error messages when trying to boot Vista so installed Vista on another drive and copied the partition across. Now I receive the following error message when I select the Vista option from the XOSL screen

File: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Status: 0xc000000f

XP doesn't have any problems booting.
Hi Computer Guru

Many thanks for the information.

I'll have a read of the link (and other information) before I try to rephrase what I wanted to to ask :smile: