dual boot


hi, i want to ask if somebody have dual boot OS x and win XP, i have bootloader installed and working, I`m able to boot into XP but i can`t get to my os X partition, can you help me?
no it`s on the same drive, but when I change boot partition via diskpart in windows and reboot, i can boot into OS x

to Makaveli213: yes, I was thinking abou it, so I already reinstalled OS x but nothing happend
You should be able to use NeoGrub to make it work.

Sample config file:
rootnoverify (hd0,1)
chainloader +1

Just replace (hd0,1) with the right value for the OS X partition.
Hi guru,

well I configure neogrub as you say, but when i pick up neogrub to boot it says something that neogrub can`t find proper windows partiotion etc etc etc

I don`t know if this is everything that I sholud write to menu.lst

edit: it actually says that windows bootloader is corrupted and I shold repair it via windows CD, then some error codes and error file neogrub.mbr... I try to reinstall neogrub and edit again
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yeah i know, it`s hd(0,3),

I have reinstalled neogrub and it works- it boots, but then it shows some message about grub4dos - i can`t read it because it jumps to another screen, and there is something like this:
and it`s a comand line

in the past I was trying to dual boot with gub4dos but then i uninstalled it, i don`t know how to get it out from system :frowning:

so when I run neogrub, this all happen, and I need to restart system, Then i can boot OSx because hd(0,3) is set as activ, and I need to fix it again via qtparted and sed hd(0,1) active to gt into bootloader and boot windows