Dual Boot


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BCD is showing XP and Vista on c: partition. I created another partion in order to instal xp on my laptop. Vista sees it as G Xp sees is as F. I do not dare to change the the drive under add/remove entries option. I have runnig for a while like this but is was very hard on the begining to set the dual boot.

The problems that I experienced are:

1) Vista is not creating automatic restore point after any application is installed. XP is working goon on this matter. From Vista C: Drive is check to create points on system protection tab.

2) Some applications do not run or are not stable either on XP or vista. I think that is has to do with the issue of how systems look at partitions and their implications for software installation.

Please help to understand if this installation is ok.
Hi daclmx, welcome
If you ever boot XP on a system where it can see partition(s) containing Vista restore ponts, It thinks they are corrupt ( same name - different format) and resets them. If you want to dual boot and use Vista system restore, you must hide Vista from XP. See the HnS sticky thread in "ideas and wishes" forum.
What are the disk letter assignments of your partitions from each boot?
Vista booted is C with XP as G ?
XP booted is F with Vista as C ?
If so, with Vista unhidden, some of your Apps installed on XP might be putting stuff in C (Vista) even if you tell the installer to use F (All Adobe software for example puts some files in C:\Program data\application data no matter where you tell it to go)
This could make the apps unstable if you use them from both boots.
Hiding Vista from XP will solve both your problems in that case.