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I don't know if this question was asked before but I couldn't find any info on the site.

I would like to install Windows 7 on my C: drive and on my D: drive. Now, I am aware that if I want Windows to see each drive as C: I have to first install Windows 7 on my C: drive, disconnect it once it is done and plug in my D: drive where C: would normally go and then install Windows 7 again. What I would like to know is this. Can I use EasyBCD to display a Boot Menu which will display both Windows 7 installations as I would normally do if Windows XP were installed?

Hello Shedrock,

Yes you can use EasyBCD 2.0 to do this. You might want to use the option to change the display name so that you can distinguish the difference between the 2 installs so that you don't accidentally keep booting to the same copy of Windows.

Just remember to point the extra W7 BCD entry to the letter that the booted C disk sees the other system as.
(not like XP which points to the C disk too)
Ok, thank you guys. I will go give it a try now.



Ok, I am stuck. I am in EasyBCD but I have no idea what to do next to get the boot menu. Sorry for my ignorance.
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"Add an Entry" > Windows Tab > Vista/7 dropdown > custom "name" if wanted > drive x: (where x= whatever the booted C: W7 calls the drive containing the other W7)
Add New Entry > Win7/Vista type Entry > Point it at the drive letter of the system you want to add to the boot menu > Give it a name to tell the two systems apart > Add the entry.
hello everybody!...
i have Window 7 64bit installed on "C:\" drive, i backup the entire hard drive with Acronis True Image Home 2011,
then i created other partition "D:\" and restore the same backup to "D:\" drive,
Now..! i have 2 same copies of Windows 7 on both of my partitions,
i added new entry using EasyBCD 2.1 with other name for the new system!, but it still booting from the same system installed on C drive even with the new entry,,,...?,
any solutions Pls..?
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Did you point the new entry to the drive letter that the old system calls the new one ?
What does Disk Management call "boot" when you try choosing the new OS ?
Hi guys, I'm a musician and would like to set a machine in a system with two win7, one for internet and general purpose, and the other only for audio. Also a third OS would be OS X. I need my samplers (a lot of GBs) in a different partition, which would be accessed by audio-win7 and OS X. Since I have two hard drives with 1TB each, my question is, would be possible with EasyBCD? And yet, can a win7 read another win7 partition?
sorry, google translator..
Ok, that was really very easy. I set two win 7, one on each disk and each disk with two partitions, and it works perfectly. But the first win 7 that manages the boot can read all partitions, while the second does not access the first (win 7 patition). I can see it in windows disk mananger (with no letter assigned) but does not appear in explorer. How can I fix it? I tried all my bios options, without success ..