Dual Booting in Vista?


Hi! I have Vista Home Premium as my OS. I have Partitioned my Hard drive ready for Windows7 Professional.
I have EasyBCD installed. Being new to EasyBCD i need to know what to do when i get Windows7, and how to set up EasyBCD to dual boot.
Do i have to set EasyBCD to Dual Boot before or after installing Windows7.
Thanks jororich.
Hi Joro, welcome to NST.
You probably won't need it at all.
When you install W7 it should see Vista and create a dual-boot automatically.
You can then use EasyBCD to tidy up the names of the systems, change which one is default and how long the menu waits for your choice before taking the default, if you want or need to; but the dual boot should work regardless.
Dual Boot Help?

Hi! I am new to EasyBCD, and you got it i seek help Please.
I have Vista Home Premium as my OS now. On one Partition.
I have created another partition ready for Windows7. How do i set up EasyBCD to boot into
Windows7 as well.
What do i need to do, so that i can boot into Vista or Windows7 as and When i wish.
Do i need to set up EasyBCD before i Install Windows7 or after.
Thanks jororich.
  1. Install Win 7.
  2. Boot into Win 7.
  3. Install EasyBCD 2.0.
  4. Run it.
  5. Go to the Add/Remove Entries section.
  6. Click the Windows tab.
  7. Select "Longhorn" in the Type drop-down menu.
  8. Select the drive letter Vista is installed on.
  9. Give the entry a name (such as "Windows Vista").
  10. You now have a dual-boot.

Note: It is more than probable that the Win 7 installer will automatically add an entry for itself in the Vista BCD, so you wont have to do anything, but just in case, I posted the above steps.

Good luck. :smile:
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