Dual Booting Vista and Opensuse. ANy Ideas?


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I am a newbie ,in particuliar to linux. I tried out Ubuntu 8.04,grew tired of it and would now like to try Opensuse 11.1. I would like to dual boot with Vista without changing the MBR ie.install Opensuse on a seperate drive with it's own bootsector/record and use Easybcd to do the rest.
Can someone please help as I don't want to mess with my Vista MBR.

Hello bash. Welcome to NST.
I would recommend putting your OpenSuse drive first in the boot sequence/drive order in the BIOS before installing it, that way the Linux bootloader should be installed no problems at all to that drive, instead of your Windows one. And then once you're done installing it, simply put your Windows drive first in the BIOS again, and then use EasyBCD to add a entry to boot OpenSuse from your Vista boot menu.