Dual Booting Vista and Ubuntu


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I am trying to follow EasyBCD for installing Ubuntu, I get partition editor and I get only two options one is guided (recommended or default) and manual. I know guide says to use manual one, but can I use The one that is default?

For default I get :

Guided Resize SCSI4(0,0,0) Part #2 SDA and freespace 3.7 gb and 70.80 gb ; would this be size of swap and space for Ubuntu, this is the one I to use, so that is why I want to know.

If I can use, do I need to do anything else, also will it allow me do Grub to own part. later on?

If I need to do manual, I am still confused on that, so will reply if needed to give more info.

Hello TMH,

Welcome to NST! You can use the guided mode. It will just use the free space from your setup to install Ubuntu. So basically the 70.80GB would be used. That would be for Ubuntu. SWAP can only be 2GB Max.

The GRUB install is the very last step. So if you are willing to lost all your free space you can continue. We only suggest the manual so you can give a specific amount to Ubuntu and leave the rest for Windows.