dual booting vista and xp help


hi all i have followed the tutorial at the following website apcmag on how to dual boot windows vista and then xp. i followed the tutorial and every thing worked fine, but then i recieved BSOD's and was told to reinstall the vista OS from the utiltiy parition at the time xp was working fine by dual booting, after i did that and i could boot in to xp any more, so i installed Easy BCD and tried to add a boot record for xp but after restarting the system i saw the following enteries

windows vista
windows xp

is there any fix to this problem? thanks in advance
first i opened easy bsd on windows xp and then went into bootloader and clicked write mbr, then i clicked add/remove entries and vista was already present so i selected the os type and then drive letter blanked or grayed out, i then selected add entry and rebooted the pc and it booted directly into xp and there was no option to select which os to boot into.
o wait i just restarted the system after doing another attempt at fixing the problem and i now have dual boot. thanks for all your help. the only problem i have now is that i have a utility partition and cannot boot into it as it has options for diagnostics etc. any ideas why?
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Cause that does not contain a OS to boot to. It is just a Utility partition. Most companies use F10, F11 or F12 to access those right after the POST and before the boot loader comes up.