Dual Booting Vista and XP using resue disk


I have a toshiba Qosmio G20 laptop which came installed with XP PRO SP2.
I have installed Vista Home Premium over XP no problem.
I want to create a second partition and install the XP PRO SP2 on it.
This would mean 2 operating systems on the HDD.
I have read many forums about how to dual boot but I have a question for which I cannot see an answer.
My laptop came with a rescue disk which formats the HDD before installing XP.
Will this disk format all of my HDD or can I set it to just format the new partition then install XP on it, therefore allowing me to dual boot Vista and XP on the 2 partitions.
I really would love some advise please as I have been trying to do this for weeks.
Many Thanks
jtdt [ new member]
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okay i am not the expert here, but i will say this lol :

i dont like having OS preinstalled, and the recovery disk issue is annoying.

from what i think, you should not deleted over XP with vista. you may have to use the rescue disk to bring XP back

because unless you got the actual, full OS install disk for both XP and vista i dont think that this will work at your current set up, am i right CG?


what time zone are you in jtdt anyways?

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Hi jtdt, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!!

To the best of my knowledge, when you're using a recovery disk you cannot specify the partition or disk layout - it'll reset everything to the way it was when you bought your PC.

You have two options:
Start anew, and install Vista to a different partition.
Get yourself another Windows XP CD.

You're legally allowed to do the other, i.e. borrow a friends, if you use the CD Key that should be stamped on the back (or side) of your computer on a "Sticker of Authenticity" for Windows XP.

Just borrow a normal (non-preinstalled) Windows XP setup CD (or download one), and use the CD Key that came with your PC.

Hope that helps.


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