Dual booting vista x64 -> xp x86

Ok, I'm new at this and not sure if this belongs here or not. But I couldn't find anywhere else that looked better. Nor any threads that pertained to this problem =S

My problem is I recently got a new HP d5200t desktop computer about 2 months ago that came pre installed with vista home prem~ x64 . Well I got a bit tired of vista since I play a lot of games and they crash a lot due to direct X troubles. So I decided to partition my drive and install Windows XP Pro (SP2) x86 on it. During the first try to install it I got an error ( 0x0000007B ) which with later research I found out that I couldn't install XP with my main HD on RAID, So I switched it to be IDE like the thread said and all worked. I installed EasyBCD and got the bootloaders so I have the options on start-up.

Now here is my problem. Everytime I want to boot a different OS, I have to go into my BIOS and switch the main drive from RAID to IDE depending on which OS I want to boot. And for now until I get the rest of my drivers for the XP install I will be switching back and forth quite normally.

I was wondering if there was a way to get Windows XP to start-up on RAID, so I don't have to continue to switch back and forth.
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Hello SillyBlade. Welcome to NST.
Do a Google search for "Intel Matrix Storage Manager" without the quotes, and you should be able to find one that will work on your hardware, on XP, and allow you to keep your system set to RAID, and still boot into XP.