Dual booting win7 and os x from 2 different hdds


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I am trying to use easyBCD 2 build 97, (I think, I downloaded it yesterday), to boot windows and iatkos v7 os x 10.5.7. Windows boots fine, but when I click the osx boot, I get a 'windows failed to start' because the autoneogrub.mbr file isn't found (when I navigate the osx drive in windows, I do not even see a \nts\ folder). If it makes any difference, I have win7 installed on one drive, a SATA, and osx installed onto another ATA drive. The ATA drive is slave, with the dvd drive set as master. Thanks in advance!



uhh, nevermind. I had the osx boot as an efi, and I just tried it with mbr and it works. Yay easybcd! :smile:
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