dual booting Win7 and Vista


Hello. I have been trying to dual boot Win7 RC1 and WinVista. Af first Win7 just overwrore the loader for Vista. I tried all the options in EasyBCD but in the end just ended up losing access to Win7 and getting WinVista back again. Is there a way to generate a dual boot menu for these two? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
If you installed the RC after Vista you should see the option for "previous version of Windows" when 7 is first starting up. That can be renamed with the EasyBCD tool to Vista. The first thing needed here however is how you are setup for the dual boot and was 7 installed before or after Vista went on?
Hello archp2008. More than a year to post your first post? Well welcome :smile:

Add a new entry at EasyBCD -> Add/Remove Entries for Win7. It'll be a "Vista/Longhorn" entry, which you can add on the Windows tab. Just make sure its pointing to W7's partition. Now when you boot you may or may not get the Vista animation rather than the W7 one, but W7 should still boot correctly.