Dual Drives Dual Boot OSX and Win7


I installed EasyBCD 2.02 on Win7 x64.
I set it up to boot to one or the other drives.
I have OSX on one drive and Win 7 x64 on another drive.

No problem booting to Win7 or OSX first time BUT...
Upon reboot my bios gets reset to default and OSX or Win 7 won't boot up.
From then on my bios keeps getting reset and I have to keep going in and fixing the bios.

I would like to be able to dual drive boot. Just can't get it to work.

Thanks for any help.
What do you mean your "BIOS gets reset" ?
The W7 bootmanager is invoked in a chain starting at the BIOS. Nothing done in the OS boot manager/loader process affects the BIOS.
Do you have a USB device or a bootable CD/DVD loaded which is taking precedence ?
Remove any bootable floppy/optical/USB device and make sure that the BIOS HDD sequence puts W7 before OSX.
I ended up Reinstalling OSX 10.6.3 and it booted up fine with EFI bootloader CD.
So I rebooted and went to win7 and added OSX to easybcd. Rebooted.
osx will not start up.
I thought when I loaded osx in easybcd, all was taken care of and that it would fix the boot on the osx. Do I have to do this manually?
Am I missing something here.

Note: I installed OSX by itself on the primary sata with no other dives attached. So I think it's labled as C:\
I also installed Win7 the same way and it's labled C:\
Win7 drive is the primary drive.
OSX is the secondary drive.
hey bud, just had this problem a few days ago. I couldn't get easybcd to work at all, so I ended up installing chameleon rc3 on osx. It looked way better and was incredibly straight forward. Its just an installer with nothing to customize, everything was done automatically.