dual HDD'S-os's-XP AND ubuntu PROBLEM


After searching the forums ,I couldn't find the answer to my particular issue. Here goes.I. have two Hdd's on my Pc. One holds the original XP upgrade and is the smaller drive of the two. It's the master and is 37.27 gb with no partion that I see when looking in my disk management. The other Hdd's my slave drive. It's veiwed on my disc management screen as being partitioned ...149gb as primary and 2.86gb as logical. I loaded EasyBcd on the Xp drive. Then added the linux optipn as the number two below the default windows....with Grub 2....I left the windows MBR as is because I had changed it to the XP option and had lost my boot mgr. on the next boot-up. So now I leave as it is with win-7-vista. Also before I forget...on my disc management page my Xp partition disc is listed as '0' and the ubuntu is listed as '1' . So when I boot up in Xp the screen has two options reading for Xp and the second option reads "unidentified OS on Drive C. When I choose that option the screen goes black with two little squiggley marks flashing on top.I obviosly have done a boo-boo.....Can you pretend I just landed from Mars an explain in detail ...step by step how to load my EasyBcd page to work. Thank you. Sincerly,Zimmy
EasyBCD is for managing the Vista/7 BCD.
It will boot XP and Linux as part of a Vista/7 multiboot.
It can't be used to boot anything if you don't have a Vista/7 licence because the BCD doesn't exist in any other OS.
Do you have either Vista or W7 on another PC ?
Yes I do.It's a vista progrm on my dell laptop. Also on that laptop I have a dual hdd and dual os ran by EasyBcd and it works flawlessly. This originly was a gateway pc and the vista disc won't work on this box...Thanks for your time on this...Is there a workaround? Sincerly ,Zimmy
Thankyou Terry for your help and timely reply. I'll give that link a try tomorro as I work evenings. Thanks again and I'll let you know how it went. Sincerly, Zimmy
Still at it....

I went to my vista laptop an 'zipped up ' the boot folder from c:/windows, then un-zipped it on my pc into my Xp c:/ windows folder.It showed up an then i loaded the latest version of EasyBcd ...Beta 2.1 '137' an loaded it...Everything seems like it was prior to all this...I don't know if it recognized the vista boot folder or not.I tried a repair an the dialog box stated it could only repair vista loaders. So i think i may have done something ' haywire'. Also i lost my boot mgr when i changed the name in the loader box..Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated...also when i get into my 'bios, i don't see the maxtor drive that 'ubuntu' occupys...Is this normal ? ...I feel like i'm getting denser by the minute with this issue.....I've been strugleing for four days with this and have made zero progress. I sure would appreciate a step by step from the start please....Thankyou for your help an time...Sincerly , Zimmy.
Follow the procedure in post #4 using 1.7 down to step 6.
Install 2.1 for step 7 onwards.
:|I went to that link an read the post an garnered what I could and this is how far I got...I loaded the 1.70 and in the "veiw settings" section it said '2 entrys listed in vista bootloader ....noesmart linux and microsoft Windows Xp "....XP is also listed as the default OS....Both OS's are listed as 'drive C' ...Then ....still in EasyBcd 1.70...I went to "manage boot loader " and the 'radio button' was positioned to " Reinstall vista Bootloader" so I did that ...with my fingers crossed I might add..So thats where I sit at this time..Can you advise how to proceed ? It seems every time I make a change and restart I loose my 'bootmgr." and haveto reload windows...So this time I'll wait until i know how to proceed safely..Thankyou for your time and advise..Sincerly, Zimmy