Dual Os & Dual HDD Win7 & Ubuntu


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I am currently trying to get my system (windows 7) to recognize a hard drive with Linux Ubuntu already installed on it. My primary SATA2 HDD is a Windows 7 OS i cloned when changing to a larger HDD for it. My second HDD has Linux Ubuntu installed on it. I would like the choice to choose which HDD OS i would like to boot into when my bios screen pops up. I would just use Grub 2 but am not too familiar with it, and i am leery of editing grub using terminal in Linux. If anyone has a clearcut way to set this up using EasyBCD or Grub2 (preferably the former as the GUI is easier to deal with) just reply to this thread. A little more background info....i have windows 7 on SATA2 port 0 on motherboard and Linux Ubuntu on SATA2 port 1. Both are actively plugged in, but when i try to enter the boot menu using F10 it does not recognize Ubuntu. Although i do see the HDD # associated with the Linux OS in the boot menu. It appears as though there is very little data on this HDD as i can see. Also it appears the boot menu doesn't recognize the size of the new HDD i have cloned windows 7 onto. It is 1 TB but is only showing something like 120 GB. Windows 7 is running fine as it always has on the new HDD. Am i missing something here LOL ?
Some cloning apps will use the same space allocation as the source.
Does Disk Management show 800+ Gb of unallocated space ?
If so, you can format it into more partitions, or "extend" W7 into the space if you're a fan of the "everything in one big lump" philosophy.
Install Ubuntu onto the other HDD with W7 disconnected, and let it put grub into the MBR of its own HDD.
You'll then be able to boot either HDD by switching the BIOS sequence.
Put W7 as first in the boot sequence when both disks are connected and boot it, then install EasyBCD. Add an entry to the W7 BCD for Linux, selecting grub2 from the dropdown, and you'll have the option to boot either OS without needing to fiddle with the BIOS.